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What To Expect During Your First Visit

Health history: Your Spinal Flow® Practitioner will ask you to complete a comprehensive history of your past and present illness, injuries and symptoms and may ask you for additional information about your past and current health and lifestyle choices.

Dress: Both Initial Assessments and Spinal Flow® Sessions are performed fully-clothed, in the attire you arrive in and no change of clothes is required.

Please just avoid denims and clothing with large seams if possible, as this can interfere with access points.

Initial Assessment with your Spinal Flow® Practitioner

Initial Assessment:

(Allow around 60-90 minutes)

During this session, your Spinal Flow® Practitioner will;

  • Conduct a Health Assessment where you will be asked about your health history, health and well-being goals and lifestyle choices.

  • Complete a Postural Assessment and Spinal Check for ease or blockages that impede nerve and energy flow using simple movements, feeling your spine and identify any chemical, emotional, or physical stress stored in your body.

  • Discuss any findings and recommend a personalised  care plan to help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

  • Finish with your first Spinal Flow® treatment.

During your Spinal Flow® Treatment

During your Spinal Flow® Treatment:

(Allow around 20 – 30 minutes)

Your Spinal Flow® practitioner will lightly touch areas of openness in the body called “access points”, without any manual manipulation of the spine.

By gently contacting these “access points”, our intention is to open up the areas of blockages and allow the body to release stressors from the spine and nervous system and thus encouraging a "Spinal Wave".

All that is required of you is to lie face down fully clothed, relax and enjoy connecting into your body.

When you begin your care plan, visits can be quite frequent, depending upon the severity of your condition. The initial focus is to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. We then focus on stabilsing spinal function moving to Corrective care and onto Wellness care.

At Transcend Healing we give you feedback at every session on how your body is progressing with creating more ease and less areas of blockages and provide self-care recommendations to help maximise your healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Spinal Flow® healing session feel like?

Spinal Flow® healing sessions are very safe and gentle. We use very gentle and precise physical touch on specific points on the cranium and sacrum. These are called “access points” and give the practitioner a direct pathway to the nervous system or what we like to call the “master controller” of the body. During a spinal flow session, clients say they feel relaxed and that they feel very connected to their bodies. Some clients say a healing session feels like a deep meditation, others find the experience simply indescribable.

What happens during a Spinal Flow® healing session?

The majority of a Spinal Flow® healing session will be conducted face down. During the session, clients are encouraged to focus on different areas of their spine so that more awareness is developed over time. We discourage going to sleep during a session as we want you to be an active participant in your health and healing. Being connected to your body is one way to help achieve this.

Who can have Spinal Flow®?

We treat clients of all ages and clients who are experiencing a range of dis-ease and symptoms. As the technique is so gentle, anyone and everyone can experience the benefits of Spinal Flow®.

We personally do not know anyone who lives in a completely stress free environment, so we are all experiencing levels of stress just in our every day lives. Our body’s naturally put most stress “to the back of mind” where it stores in our spinal cord as layers to deal with later. Regular Spinal Flow® sessions help us to grow and maintain a level of health and healing.

What is the Spinal Flow® wave?

The Spinal Wave is inside all of us - a wave that equals ease, life force and a profound connection to who we really are - flowing freely through the spine. It is the body’s innate and natural movement of the spine, and it can grow to generate more healing and more energy through Spinal Flow Technique™. The Spinal Wave has three forms - a breathing wave, a sensing wave and a moving wave. Often the wave is so slight it may be difficult to even notice unless you pay very close attention or have a very high awareness of your own internal physiology. The goal of Spinal Flow Technique™ is to allow more healing, more wave, more energy by connecting the body to its innate wisdom to heal. Many clients comment on being able to feel something inside them and report feeling a deeper connection to their body.

How long is a Spinal Flow® healing session?

After your initial consultation, most healing sessions last between 20 to 30 minutes. Children tend to respond very quickly so their session are usually less than 20 minutes.

I have had a stroke. Can Spinal Flow® help?

Yes, Spinal Flow® communicates with your Central Nervous System encouraging the brain to rewire your neural pathways.

Does Spinal Flow® involve physical manipulation / adjustments or cracking?

Spinal Flow® is a very gentle, non-invasive technique where only light touch is necessary. We are simply reminding your body to tap into its own innate healing ability, empowering it to clear blockages with ease which then allows vertebrae to move freely and realign even with serious physical issues such as scoliosis.

Do I take my clothes off for the Spinal Flow Technique™?

No, you stay totally clothed for Spinal Flow®, in fact it’s better if you are completely covered along the whole length of your spine and pelvis. We just ask that you don’t wear jeans or clothes that have thick seams along the spine and around the waist. We also suggest not wearing a belt.

How often will I require a Spinal Flow® healing session?

Because every person is different, every person experiences Spinal Flow® differently. Some people have immediate results, while other people find that their recovery takes time. Someone who have long standing, chronic issues, may heal more slowly and require more frequent treatments initially. As you start to experience change and healing, the frequency of treatments reduces. After an initial consultation, most treatments last between 25 to 35 minutes. Children tend to respond to treatment very quickly. We have clients who see us weekly, fortnightly, monthly, six weekly or whenever they feel like their body needs a Spinal Flow® healing session.

How much do sessions cost?

Our current price schedule may be found here.

Do private health rebates apply?

The Spinal Flow Technique is regulated by its own professional body not AHPRA and as such private health rebates are not applicable.

Does the NDIS apply?

Yes, some clients are funded by NDIS. This would depend upon the package and what you are entitled to.
Whilst lying facedown is preferable, the Spinal Flow technique can be performed in many positions, enabling anyone and everyone to benefit from this healing modality. For those who may find it uncomfortable or difficult lying face down on the table, we can access points either lying on the back, side or upright in a chair.

What is the history, science, philosophy and art of Spinal Flow®?

Founded by former chiropractor Dr Carli Axford, the Spinal Flow® Technique healing modality has its roots in the philosophy, science and touch of the spine and nervous system. Spinal Flow Technique relieves people’s pain, symptoms and dis-ease by connecting their nervous system to the brain to release spinal blockages and integrate their experiences. The technique transforms people’s wellbeing by connecting them to what already works in their body and expanding that to allow the Spinal Wave to flow from the coccyx to the cranium.

The Science:

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. It controls and co-ordinates every function in the human body. This is the system which supports life and allows us to interact with our environment – internal and external. When there is a blockage in the nervous system, there is the potential for dis-ease, illness and pain to occur in the body.

The Philosophy:

The body can heal itself!

This is a natural intelligence in us all. The spinal wave delivers energy flow through the body and releases blockages in the 7 Gateways of the spine. The spinal wave carries the life force that communicates with every cell in our body.

The Art:

The Spinal Flow Technique™ is based on touch and a physical “hands on” connection.

Using touch we: Identify blockages in the spine. Connect with access points to send messages to connect with the body’s wisdom to heal. Make contact with the body to increase the healing wave.

​We would love to see you in our clinic and we offer a free 20 minute posture/gateway assessment to understand how The Spinal Flow Technique™ can help your body move from stressed to relaxed.

Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner
IICT Member - Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner
Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner

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