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Unlock Your Body's Healing Wisdom

Are you ready to experience a profound shift in your well-being? Discover the transformative power of The Spinal Flow Technique™ offered by Transcend Healing in Caloundra.

Why Choose The Spinal Flow Technique™?

Your Body Knows How to Heal Itself!

In the midst of life's stressors, whether physical, emotional, or chemical, our bodies possess innate wisdom for self-healing. However, when stressors linger or go unrecognized, they become stored in the body, creating blockages in the nervous system, leading to pain, ill-health, and dis-ease.

The Spinal Flow Technique™ is designed to unlock your body's natural healing potential by connecting the nervous system to the brain, releasing stored stressors and allowing the Spinal Wave to flow seamlessly from the coccyx to the cranium.

What is Spinal Flow®?

Powerful Yet Gentle Healing Modality

The Spinal Flow Technique™ is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that leverages the nervous system's potential to guide your body towards natural healing. By detecting, reducing, and preventing physical, emotional, and chemical stressors and blockages, Spinal Flow® creates ease in the body, promoting full movement and flexibility in the spine.

Experience the benefits of Spinal Flow®:

  • Better Health

  • Encourages Healing and Regeneration

  • Enhance Immune System

  • Improve Athletic Performance, Digestive Function, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Reduce Muscle Spasms, Stiffness and Pain

Client Testimonials

"Highly recommend! Left every single session feeling warm and fuzzy. Do yourself a favour and book in a session." - Natalie O

"I love Spinal Flow, I always feel better when I walk out afterwards than I did when I walked in. it is such a beautiful feeling, my body feels relaxed, softer, aligned, tension released, healthier." - Chriss P

"This is the best step towards my health that I have ever done." - Rebecca H

“My experience has been amazing with Angela! I cannot express how much of a difference my life has been since discovering Spinal Flow! I was literally crippled by emotions. My body was sore all over. Every day was agony and the doctors couldn't find anything.  I didn't know how much my grief was affecting me but I knew there was something going on that I needed help with.” - Rachel R

I have tried countless modalities all with varying degrees of success so I went in open but not expecting too much. At the end of my first session I immediately noticed how tall I was standing and how much lighter yet grounded I felt. The process is super gentle and felt like a combination of Chiro, EFT, Reiki, and Acupressure if I had to sum it up. I feel so grateful to have come across Spinal Flow" - Jennifer M

What To Expect During Your First Visit

Health History:

Complete a comprehensive history of your past and present illnesses, injuries, and symptoms.


Sessions are performed fully-clothed. Please avoid denims and clothing with large seams.

Initial Assessment:

Conducted in 60-80 minutes, including a health assessment, postural assessment, spinal check, personalized care plan and your first Spinal Flow treatment

During Your Spinal Flow® Treatment

Spinal Flow Sessions last 20-30 minutes, with light touches on specific areas to release blockages and encourage the Spinal Wave. Your journey may involve frequent visits initially, focusing on reducing symptoms and progressing to corrective and wellness care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Spinal Flow® healing session feel like?

Sessions are safe and gentle, inducing relaxation and a deep connection to the body.

Who can have Spinal Flow®?

Open to all ages and individuals experiencing various symptoms.

How often will I require a Spinal Flow® healing session?

Varies for each person, with sessions tailored to your needs.

How much do sessions cost?

Check our price schedule for details.

Connect with Your Body's Wisdom and

Change Your Life Today

Take the first step towards a healthier, more relaxed you. Book your initial consultation now at a special rate of $126 (usually $140). Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to experience The Spinal Flow Technique™ with Transcend Healing.

Join us and experience the profound benefits of The Spinal Flow Technique™. Your journey to health and healing begins here.

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